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Environmental Permitting Requirements | Obsidian
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Environmental Permitting Requirements

Landfill Surrender Applications, Environmental Permits for Waste Recovery Operations and Definition of Waste projects.

There have been recent changes with the application process for seeking exemptions to allow relocation of soils, both within the original site and at off-site locations that are not covered by an Environmental Permit. BC is able to undertake and manage this process on your behalf.

It is now possible to reuse natural soils, both on and offsite under the WRAP protocol (non-cohesive soil – aggregates) and under the Claire Initiative – Definition of Waste (former waste soils). The use of WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Plan) provides an opportunity to relocate/re-use significant volumes of natural aggregates, arising’s from construction, for reuse as filling on other sites and which can be undertaken outside the Waste Management Regulations (Environmental Permit) and hence does not attract Landfill Tax. Under the Definition of Waste (DoW) soils can be relocated on or offsite (in some instances contaminated with residual chemical contaminants) again without the levy of Landfill Tax. The proposals must be reviewed and agreed with a Qualified Person who would ensure compliance and is able to act on behalf the Environment Agency to agree the Works. Such methods can achieve significant savings on projects. Obsidian have the experience and expertise and employ a Qualified Person (DoW) to assist in relocating excess material on and/or offsite, and ensure full compliance with current environmental legislation and acceptance of the EA.

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