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Geoenviromental Assessment Standish | Obsidian
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Geoenviromental Assessment Standish

Following a Phase I Desk Study and review of mining records, a Phase II Geoenvironmental Assessment was undertaken on a site in Standish, Lancashire. Rotary drilling was used to retrieve cores and locate shallow mine workings and voids beneath a proposed development site. The site had a history of mining with a capped former mine adit/shaft on the site. Permission was granted by the Coal Authority to drill three rotary boreholes at the site to 30.0+.

Cores were retrieved to allow the nature of the Mudstone, Siltstone and Sandstone sequence of rock to be assessed and described. Due to the presence of former shallow mining at the site water flush was used rather than air flush during the drilling operation. Ground/mine gas monitoring was undertaken as the drilling progressed; methane, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and oxygen.

Accreditations Beech Group Accreditations