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Definition of Waste – London Road Depot, Amersham, Bucks. Client: Balfour Beatty Civil Engineering Limited

A Director of Beech Consultants (BC), who can act as a Qualified Person (QP091), under the CL:aire Code of Practice – Definition of Waste, Ver2 March 2011 was commissioned to undertake that role on a project at the live waste transfer site, off London Road east, Amersham. The Depot operated by Chiltern District Council was redeveloping the site to improve drainage and other infrastructure works.

Areas of the site had been used for historical landfilling activities. In order to complete the proposed infrastructure improvements there was an excess of material arising from the excavations. Under the CoP adopted some of the material could be accommodated on site, with the balance removed off site to a licenced treatment facility.

As a QP in order to allow the proposed works to commence the following information is reviewed and accepted:


  • Phase I Desk Study
  • Planning Permission
  • Intrusive Phase II Site Investigation
  • Risk Assessment (Human Health & Groundwater)
  • Remedial Strategy (RS)
  • Material Management Plan (MMP)
  • Correspondence with the Environment Agency & Local Authority
  • Establishment of proposed Earthwork Quantities.


All of the information is reviewed by the Environment Agency. The QP acts as the independent assessor for the information as presented. The QP also provides a suitable introduction and guidance of the CoP to the Principal Contractor prior to the commencement of works.

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