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Fair Acre – Ecological Survey | Obsidian
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Fair Acre – Ecological Survey

As part of an application for Outline Planning Consent for the Local Authority Planning Department an Ecological Survey/Assessment was undertaken. Following a Phase I Geoenvironmental Assessment/Desk Study Beech Consultants completed a Tree Survey, (to BS 5837:2012 – Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction – Recommendations.


At the same time, an overall ecological assessment was undertaken, which looked at the various ecological habitats at the area of the proposed demolition and construction site for a new residential dwelling, together with the wider area of the overall site. The works included surveys of bats in and around the existing timber sheds (scheduled for demolition), invertebrates and insects in adjacent streams and a local pond, and nesting birds in local trees and shrubs.

Accreditations Beech Group Accreditations