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Former Waste Skip Hire and Transfer Station, Lancashire | Obsidian
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Former Waste Skip Hire and Transfer Station, Lancashire

Beech Consultants were commissioned to undertake a site reconnaissance of an on-going waste skip hire and waste transfer business at a site near Manchester. A significant range and quantity of Waste Materials had been imported to the site, but had simply been stored, in some instances for decades. Several operations were conducted at the site, including material reclamation and sorting, plus woodworking (palates and fencing panels), and the creation of horse and livestock bedding but were hampered by lack of space and investment.


As part of a financial restructuring the site was assessed to establish the following information:


  • Type, extent and quantities of waste materials at the site,
  • Description and general condition of all plant and equipment stored and at the site,
  • Woodworking operations, and
  • Waste generated at the site.


A report was provided on the finding of the assessment including the value of plant and equipment used and stored at the site. From this a Remedial Strategy was completed to provide a methodology for the removal of all existing waste stockpiles; in order to provide a mechanism to re-start several site operations to take the business forward. Representatives of the Environment Agency were contacted to investigate re-establishing Environmental and Waste Permits, which had previously lapsed. The Agency supported the proposed strategy to clear the site and re-establish the former business.

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