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Innovia Films, Bridgwater

Beech Consultants, acting as specialist technical adviser to Clarke Bond produced a Remedial Strategy for the former Innovia Films Limited former 50 hectare cellophane manufacturing site at Bridgwater. During the plants operation it was the largest factory of its kind in the world. The manufacturing plant closed eight years ago.

The site is designated for residential development in the Local Plan and following several extensive intrusive site investigations prior to and following complete demolition of the works a Remedial Strategy was developed, together with a subsequent Specification for the Remediation Contract Works. The Strategy was based on satisfying an end use of gardens with plant uptake, and agreed with the local authority Environmental Protection Section and the Environment Agency.


The strategy developed by Beech included the removal of Hot Spot Contamination within Made Ground soils, contaminated with diesel range organics and PAH for onsite treatment by ex-situ biological methods, removal of NAPL within perched waters at the site following a 130,000l spill previously at the site, excavation of specific known hazardous chemicals found at the site (a legacy of approximately 100 designated hazardous chemicals, including carbon disulphide (CS2) within underground chambers and tanks/vessels, and protection of the local groundwater regime.


During the site inspections, investigations it was found that there is of the order of 40-50 buried tank/vessels and/or chambers at the site, some greater than 5.0m below original ground levels.

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