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Project: Quarry – Residential Development | Obsidian
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Project: Quarry – Residential Development

Beech Consultants (BC) were appointed by the owner of a former Sandstone Quarry, near Parbold, Lancashire to undertake a geotechnical and solid geology investigation and assessment.


It was proposed to construct a very large detached house, on four levels (25,000ft2) on the side of the quarry. During construction of a detached garage/apartment block and excavations for a lower basement/swimming pool there had been concerns regarding the potential bearing capacity performance of a highly weathered Siltstone at the site; which was dipping downslope 12° to the horizontal. BC organised and managed rotary drilling and coring of the solid geology at the site to establish the integrity of the strata under loading from the proposed structures. A report was provided recommending additional engineering works to stabilise the site and allow the construction to proceed. A Engineering Groundwork Specification was established for the site contractor. In addition, slope stability assessments and redesign of existing slopes above and below the proposed structures was also undertaken.

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