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Reconstruction of damaged Sea Wall, West Kirby | Obsidian
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Reconstruction of damaged Sea Wall, West Kirby

Beech Consultants assisted a local resident liaise with insurers and appointed consultants and contractors during the investigation, design and reconstruction of a 45.0 metre length of sea wall. The design and specification were reviewed and suitable agreed modifications made to the design of a new length of fully replaced wall, together with extensive refacing works to a further length of undamaged historical sea wall. Regular inspections were made during the reconstruction works with photographs of the completed works as shown above.


Significant volume of sand within the rear garden area was lost during a storm in December 2013, and emergency infilling with clay to prevent further loss of fines was organised. Foundations of the house were shallow and were founded directly within the sand. Erosion penetrated to within 3.0m of the foundations before the void was infilled with compacted clay and debris from the failed wall.

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