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Sevelco Carbon Black North Works, Avonmouth, Bristol | Obsidian
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Sevelco Carbon Black North Works, Avonmouth, Bristol

As part of a redevelopment project for a Waste to Energy site a former carbon black facility in Avonmouth, formally operated by the Columbia Carbon Black Company the former plant required demolition, site clearance and remediation of on-site soils and groundwater. The site included the carbon black plant, a gas works, a power station and various workshops and offices on a 10 hectare site.

The site was in close proximity to the Bristol Channel on former flood plains. Consequently, the overlay deep deposits of highly compressible alluvium and groundwater level at the surface during high water spring tides


A review of available intrusive site investigation information was undertaken, on behalf of the Wring Group, to develop a Remediation Strategy for the delivery of the site for redevelopment. The onsite soils were contaminated with elevated organic contaminates from fuel storage and spent hydrocarbons from the carbon black process. In order to treat contaminated surface and ground waters at the site Wring Group adopted the original process water treatment lagoons, where the residue was removed off site for disposal at a licensed landfill enabling the lagoons to be used for the treatment of polluted waters as part of the proposed remedial strategy.

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