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Tree Survey to BS 5837: 2012 – Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction – Recommendations.

In support of an application for Outline Planning for the demolition of an existing derelict single-storey timber shed, and subsequent construction of a new residential dwelling, a tree assessment was required by the Local Authority Planning Department.


The assessment was to be in accordance with BS 5837. The standard required an assessment of all trees surrounding the existing timber shed that may be affected by the proposed demolition and construction works. All trees that may be impacted by the Works were surveyed in accordance with BS 5837 and included speciation, degree of maturity, details of height, tree girth, spread, canopy etc. Consideration was given to local soils at the site and the type of proposed foundations for new structures; due to potential influence on individual tree root systems. An outline methodology was established for protection of all trees to be retained that would be in close proximity to the demolition/construction works, together with proposals for new plantings where some trees were designated for removal.

Accreditations Beech Group Accreditations