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Remedial Strategies | Obsidian
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Remedial Strategies

Contaminated and Industrial Land Remedial Strategies, Specifications & Contracts

The necessity to treat contaminated soils and groundwater is based on the risk to Human Health and the potential impact on the Environment. In many instances, by suitable risk assessments developed by DEFRA and regulated by the Environment Agency and depending on the proposed end use of the site, Remedial Strategies are developed and agreed with the Regulators.

There is a requirement under current EU and UK waste management legislation to treat contaminated soils prior to re-use on or off site and/or disposal. This has led to a range of remedial treatment technologies. Not all technologies treat all soils and/or residual chemical contaminates. It is very important to understand what soils are treatable as mistakes can lead to the loss of significant monies and failure of the treatment process.

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